Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mix It Up

Mix, Oracle's new social networking site, is up and running. It's pretty nice looking.

If you love working on a Mac, why don't you register and vote for Toby's idea? Oracle's lack of a native client for Intel Macs is crazy, and this is a good opportunity to let Oracle know how many of us are suffering from it. (The idea is actually about providing XE for the Mac, but it's still a good rallying point.)

Personally, I've spent about a year on a project where we deploy on Oracle in production but develop on Postgres because of the lack of Mac support. Our Cruise build runs against Oracle, so when there are issues we see them pretty quickly, but not quickly enough. The turnaround time is something like ten minutes instead of something like ten seconds, which often means a context switch. It's lame. Oracle can fix it.


Anonymous said...

because it requires me to create a fucking account. lame.

Anonymous said...

Creating an account is par for the course. It's also a good to way to know who wants what, which is important to us.