Monday, January 19, 2009

clj-record: ActiveRecord for Clojure

I've spent a chunk of the last month (and an absurd amount of the last four days) working on clj-record: an ActiveRecord-like library written in the Clojure programming language. (Clojure is a LISP dialect with badass concurrency features for the JVM.) clj-record aims to provide an idiomatic "functional" API for persistence with many of the features we've come to appreciate from ActiveRecord, currently including validation, (somewhat) convenient associations, and (some) callbacks.

(Persistence requires side-effects, so it can't really be functional, but it can be idiomatic and leverage a great deal of power from being written in a functional language.)

Here's what a model definition looks like:

(ns clj-record.test.model.manufacturer
  (:require clj-record.boot))

    (has-many products))
    (:name "empty!" #(not (empty? %)))
    (:founded "must be numeric" #(or (nil? %) (not (re-find #"\D" %))))))

Coming soon:

  • Even more convenient associations
  • Even more callbacks
  • Serialization of data structures as attribute values
  • A fancy query API
  • Other cool stuff

Check it out!

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